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– W.E.B. DuBois

Sites for and about journalists

By Judy McGovern

These links were pulled together with journalism students in mind.

The list isn't comprehensive. (Nothing broadcast specific, for example.) But, it does include many of the big hubs that cover the business and practice of journalism. Some of the sites also provide good information about internships, training and professional development – some of it very affordable or offered at student rates.

I hope the intended audience finds the information useful. I'd suggest you surf around and find a few sites that you like. Then visit them regularly, subscribe to an RSS feed, follow the organizations on Twitter, or otherwise make them part of your aggregated news diet.

This update includes more than the promised professional organizations and websites. You'll find links to First Amendment resources, too. Those and other reference sources and tools will may get their own page some day. For now, they're a bonus for anyone who scrolls deep enough. Again, far from comprehensive, but worth sharing.

One-stop shopping

Strictly training

Student groups


The state of the news industry

First Amendment

About the author:
Judy McGovern is an Ann Arbor-based journalist with experience as a writer, editor and page designer. She worked in Ohio, New York and several other states before settling in Michigan. (Return to top.)