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Tools and resources

All things social


  • Vizify's tweetsheet – Generates infographics that show Twitter activity, geographic reach, IDs themes in word cloud. (Discontinued, sadly.)
  • TwitterCounter – Tracks and graphs tweets and followers. (New limits on free tool in apparent shift to subscription model.)
  • Twiangulate – Graphs hidden networks, allows you to see loyal and influential followers and reach. Useful for ID'ing subject matter experts.
  • Crowdbooster – See Tweets with greatest reach, best RT'ers and folks you might want to reach out to. Also recommends times based on people who follow you.
  • Tweriod – Suggests optimal times to reach your audience.
  • Rapportive – Gmail add-on delivers addressee's recent social posts to pane in your Gmail interface. (Acquired by Linkedin.)


Multiple applications

  • Seesmic – Multi-platform application that breaks up Twitter streams into multiple columns, and manage multiple accounts. (Acquired and discontinued, 2012.)

User experience

  • Watson.addy.com and websiteoptimization.com – Page weight and speed checkers. (Aim to have code and other assets weigh in at 75k or less.)
  • Smush.it – A Yahoo developer tool to reduce the size of images files. It's billed as a "lossless" tool. Also analyzes Web pages to ID how many bytes could be saved by optimizing images.
  • JuicyStudio – Insight on color, contrast and read-ability.
  • Readability.info – Churns on information about number of words and characters on a page, number of long and short sentences, parts of speech. Accepts URL or Word DOC. Also assigns scores based on a number of reading difficulty scales, including Kincaid, Flesch and Fog Indexes.


Code/content mashups

SEO and analytics

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